Blount International Painter in Oregon, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: BUSINESS CONTRIBUTION:The Painter II applies powder coatings via a Wagner electrostatic spray guns to parts and frames on a moving conveyor line. Painter applies powder coat finish to specifications such as proper mil thickness, coverage, and gloss while maintaining high powder transfer efficiency. Must be able to perform duties while wearing a supplied air hood. RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDES, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:Primary Task (70%) -Apply a high quality powder coat finish to specifications using a Wagner Electrostatic spray gun. Specifications include proper mil thickness, coverage, and gloss.-Performs preventative maintenance on the powder coat system and all pumps, guns, and tools associated with the system. -Maintain high transfer efficiency while keeping up with a moving conveyor line.Secondary Task (30%)-Reads color tags and completes pre and post powder surface preparation.-Perform duties in a safe manner while maintain a clean and safe work area.Communication and Documentation-Maintain open communication through conversation and both formal and informal documents