Legendary Baking QUALITY COMPLIANCE MANAGER in Oak Forest, Illinois

The Quality Compliance Manager is a member of the facility Production Department, and gets functional direction from the Plant Manager. This position interacts with Legendary Baking bakery management and crewmembers to help verify food quality. This position has duties which include visual standard and specification training, data analysis, report writing, process improvement and communication with plant production. This position also develops training relating to food quality in a facility. 1. Verify food quality compliance through inspection forms, auditing and reporting. Keep management team informed of any changes in visual appearance or physical specification of products being produced. 2. Work with bakery management to determine whether a product meets quality standards. Take steps to identify, isolate and report poor quality products. Work with the team to find solutions to problems. 3. Develop, update, and inspects internal specifications for all WIP’s (work-in-progress) and finished products. Analyze statistical data gathered and SAP work orders to determine adherence to present quality standards. 4. Plan, promote, and organize training activities related to food quality, as necessary, to facilitate food quality and compliance to specifications. Provide training to crewmembers on the proper visual and physical standards. 5. Assist in development of Product / Process Standard Operating Procedures (PPSOP) that will ensure the detailed information needed for production team is included. PPSOP will include specifications and standards for product appearance, weight and food safety controls. Will assist in ensuring PPSOP will be incorporated into SAP production orders for new and existing products. 6. Work with bakery management to improve product and process quality standards. Lead problem solving efforts, including determination of root cause and preventative measures to improve plant quality. 7. Expedite quality tasks by providing help in support of specific projects. 8. Conduct studies to identify problems, potential problems or continuous improvement opportunities relating to food quality. Utilize data collection, trend information and analysis to drive continuous improvement. 9. Changes Shifts to provide fresh sets of eyes on the floor