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Medical Express Ambulance Service Operations Supervisor* in Forest Park, Illinois

Operations Supervisor*

LocationForest Park,IL*

*Position is based out of Forest Park, IL

DepartmentOperational Supervisors

FLSA StatusNon-Exempt

Position Description:

This position is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Operations Department including facilitation of internal communication between field staff and management, and outside agencies, system status monitoring, assisting with short-term scheduling, staffing an appropriate position if necessary to meet service demands, functioning as a paramedic, EMT-B, and medicar driver as needed, equipment and supply maintenance, and other duties as assigned. This position will have an appropriately equipped vehicle accessible for field supervisory responsibilities.


Supervision/Performance Management of Hourly Staff: Assist dispatch and scheduling in staffing ambulances in the event of employees who are tardy, No Call/No Show, or Call Off; ensure crews are promptly on the street at the beginning of their assigned shifts; provide support and assistance to field personnel to help them achieve maximum performance; provide daily direction to field staff; coach employees to perform at their highest level and provide continuous performance feedback; provide support to crews by acquiring needed resources; Participate in the investigation of incidents, accidents, and performance issues. Communicates Medex information to field employees clearly; gather information from the field regarding company issues, and report and help resolve field management issues; work with Human Resources for employee counseling as necessary; identify needs and support continuous quality improvement in employee development through training; may participate in orientation of new employees; assist crews in stocking units; collect paperwork and coordinate with billing on documentation issues. Ensure compliance with the Employee Handbook and discipline non-compliant employees to the Operations Manager and Human Resources as needed.Thorough knowledge of the Employee Handbook, accident policy, workers compensation criteria and all other company policies and procedures.

Quality Improvement: Ensure quality improvement through clinical management and protocol compliance; investigate accident, injuries, resolve issues, and communicate findings; gather information from customers regarding issues and concerns, document and timely follow through on customer complaints. Work with others for resolution to ensure customer satisfaction; provide appropriate resources to assist personnel (CCTs, Paramedics, EMTs) after particularly critical incidents (CISD); interact daily with customers regarding the delivery of services and assist with managing the Medex image at facilities; and participate in community service activities to enhance the image of the company.

Compliance: Administer company policies and procedures in a consistent manner; ensure policies, procedures and practices are administered in accordance with state, federal and city laws and regulations; ensure PCRs and other field paperwork is 100% reconciled daily following established policies and procedures; resolve issues or bring to management's attention as appropriate.


Knowledge: The candidate should possess knowledge of all emergency services practice and procedures impacting the EMS field; principal, practices, and procedures of pre-hospital support; basic, and advanced life support, and definitive emergency medical care; patient evaluation and triage procedures; state and federal regulations that govern the delivery of emergency medical services; legal and ethical guidelines related to the administration of emergency medical services' programs and other applicable law, rules and regulations; streets, locations, and addresses in the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs; knowledge of and skills in the operations and maintenance of various types of medical equipment. A working knowledge of system status management is preferred. Possess a working knowledge of the North Chicago EMS System and Loyola EMS, SMO's and Policies and Procedures.

Skills: The candidate should possess skill in; preparing and maintaining records; proficient use of radio and other communication tools and equipment; and the use of personal computers, keyboards, and Microsoft Office products such as; Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Skills in situational analysis and proficiency in planning and operations is required at this level.

Special Licenses, registrations or certifications: Current Pediatric Advanced Life Support, PEPP, PHTLS, and ACLS are strongly preferred. The candidate must possess and maintain a valid vehicle operator's license, current CPR and EMT Paramedic certification, and be in good standing in CNEMSS and LEMS. Expected to successfully complete UMBC CCEMT-P class, by a specified date.

Education or training: High School graduate or GED or equivalent experience. Advanced education is preferred.

Level and type of experience: Two years of experience functioning as a paramedic for an Advance Life Support agency in a private ambulance setting is required. Must be able to function as a field paramedic performing direct ALS patient care activities and have thorough knowledge of system status management. Supervisor experience, experience as a trainer/instructor in an EMS setting is preferred.

Working Environment or Conditions:

Stress Factors

Occasionally: Hazards, fatigue, high call volume, life and death situations.

Frequently: Repetitive tasks, high pressure, and intense tasks.

Physical Requirements

Occasionally: Lifting no more then 200 pounds, pushing, pulling, typing, climbing, balancing, carrying no more than 150 pounds shared weight, kneeling, stooping, bending, leaning, upper and lower body flexibility, running distance, driving ambulance, car, truck multiple physical activities performed at the same time (driving, talking, hearing and seeing).

Frequently: Hearing/listening, clear speech, touching, walking inside and outside, sitting.

Constantly: Seeing/Hearing

Working Environment

Occasionally: Confined area, extreme hot and cold, wet and/or humid conditions, noise, vibration, mechanical and electrical equipment, moving objects, high places, fumes/odors/mists, dirt and dust, gasses, toxic conditions, human excrement, blood, urine, mucous, tissue.

Frequently: Work alone, with and around others, face-to-face and verbal contact, inside and outside temperature changes.

Constantly: Shift work, extended day.

Mental Requirements:

Occasionally: Clerical, memorization, and higher math skills.

Frequently: Simple and complex reading and writing, simple math skills.

Constantly: Analyzing, perception/computation, problem solving, judgment, reasoning, and decision-making.

Equipment Used:

Occasionally: Gurney, wheelchair, digital paging terminal, computer, IV supplies, bandaging, medications, monitor/defibrillator, radio, suction equipment, airway equipment, disposable supplies, durable medical equipment, trauma equipment, facsimile, telephone, calculator, copy machine, maintena11ce tools a11d equipment, cleaning supplies a11d equipment, personal protection equipment, hand and electrical tools.

Frequently: Maps, voice recorder tape system, computer, keyboard, telephone, and printer.

Constantly: Pager, telephone, and recording equipment, dispatch software.

Authority of PositionWithout prior approval:

Day to day activities such as: assisting scheduling in staffing units, conducting meetings, and resolving issues with regards to employee problem.s, issues, and concerns; communicating MEDEX information to field employees clearly, gathering information from the field regarding company incidents, reporting and helping resolve fieldĀ­ management issues, identifying needs and supporting continuous improvement in employee development through training; administering company policies and procedures; identifying processes that lead to enhancement of service; and ensuring documentation is in compliance with billing criteria, assist with injury and accident investigations.

With prior approval:

Issues that require higher-levels of expertise, approval, and signature authority; and assistance with interpretation of policies, procedures, laws, and protocols.