Hyster-Yale Group Operations Supervisor 2nd shift in Danville, Illinois

This job was posted by https://illinoisjoblink.illinois.gov : For more information, please see: https://illinoisjoblink.illinois.gov/ada/r/jobs/5520289 . As a *2nd Shift Operations Supervisor*,you will have the opportunity to supervise and direct hourly workforce anddistribution operations in all PDC functional areas including picking,putaway, packaging, receiving and shipping. Ensure resources are allocatedappropriately to fully realize daily business requirements in a consistent,efficient and quality manner. Manage and coordinate multiple processesacross all functional areas systematically. Handle routine communication anddisciplinary action with bargaining unit. Actively involved in the WarehouseManagement System by utilizing the system output to identify operationaltrends and assist in daily resource utilization.* Plan and direct hourly workforce activities in the Receiving, Packaging, Stores and Shipping areas. Effectively allocate resources with goal of producing quality and timely output which meets daily business requirements. Manage and adjust priorities where conditions dictate. * Direct personnel/activities in accordance with terms of the current labor agreement. Serve as first point of communication on labor/management issues. Maintain accurate attendance and overtime records, reporting and administering disciplinary action where necessary. Communicate and enforce facility work rules. * Work closely with warehouse staff to ensure internal processes and procedures are well-maintained. Assist in the development/implementation of new procedures and enhancements designed to improve material movement, inventory accuracy and space utilization. * Maintain active involvement and understanding in all facets of WMS. Utilize output to assist in daily operational decisions. * Ensure communication channels are maintained by conducting regular meetings with subordinates regarding safety, policy and operational issues Participate in operational planning sessions with operations and WMS staff. Gather input from hourly personnel and provide timely communication of critical issues to Operations Manager. * Emphasize work environment which promotes safety and focus on adherence stated work rules among hourly workforce. Ensure orderly and well-maintained condition is maintained in warehouse. * Expedite/fulfill internal and external customer inquiry in a prompt and professional manner.