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Job Information

alligatortek Senior Software Developer in Chicago, Illinois

Are you known for your ability to learn new technology? Do you go full nerd when an IDE shows up on a desktop? Do you like to code at work and then go home and code some more?

Alligatortek is looking for a Senior Software Developer who is creative, talented, and technically savvy. This individual should have experience in the analysis of mobile and web-enabled applications, and strong management skills. The ideal candidate will be responsible for leading a team of developers in delivering quality applications for our clients.?

What your day-to-day looks like

We deal with multiple client engagements every day, so we do not have ?a? tech stack. We deal with lots of technologies.

  • An example may have you developing SPA application using {insert your favorite front end framework here} with an AspNetCore backend deployed on an Azure app service.

  • Another project may require you to develop microservice endpoints using Azure Functions and publish events and messages to On Premise client applications.

  • Yet another project may require you to extend a client Node.js web application deployed on AWS Lambdas to support a new Mobile application we will build for the client.

Regardless of the technology required for the project, you will also be leading, coaching and driving to completion the project delivery. You should be great at communicating; verbally, in writing, in person and over mediums such as Slack, Teams and Skype.

Your team will consist of on site and offshore members ranging from Business Analysts, Developers, QA Engineers and even the customer.

You will be doing some project management activities such as estimating backlog items, managing sprints, assigning activities and being overall accountable for your teams? delivery.

You will be reviewing and approving pull requests, defining CI / CD configurations, researching and implementing tools to help the team and the organization.

What we are looking for

This is a hands-on coding position that also requires a leadership element. Coding skills are important, but so are the leadership and management skills.

If all you want is to do is code, then is this not the position for you. If you are the type of person that gets some skin in the game and owns a project to completion, then we want to talk to you.

We are looking for a leader and a manager; a brilliant technologist with a passion to learn new things and courage to try them. A friend and mentor to other team members. A contributor to the organization.

Required Technology Skills

First and foremost, you are Senior Software developer. Which means not only can you describe Dependency Injection, but you can tell us exactly how you use it and why. You also can articulate some design patterns you have used and even provide some examples. You have built some habits around testing while you code, maybe not pure TDD but your code has tests.

In addition to that - these are the technologies we deal with the most. The ideal person will be strong in several of these technologies and have at least some exposure to others

  • .NET, dotnet core and ASP (ASP.NET / AspNetCore)

  • SQL Server, Azure SQL Server, MongoDB

  • Active Directory

  • Version Control Systems (especially git)

  • Core Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS)

  • Front End Frameworks (Angular / React / Vue)

  • Azure / AWS Cloud Development (Lambdas, Functions, App Services, CloudFront, APIM, Blob Storage)

  • Messaging technologies (Azure Service Bus, RabbitMQ)

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (Azure Dev Ops Build and Release Pipelines as an example)

  • Unit Testing frameworks (MS Test, NUnit, XUnit)

  • Mobile Development

We are looking to expand our capability in other technology areas. What will catch our attention is if you are strong the following areas

  • Node development (MEAN / MERN) stack

  • AI / ML

  • React Native

Benefits we offer

A compensation plan that will match your market value, PTO, extra holidays off, employee focused culture, superb health, dental and vision insurance, 401k matching, yearly bonus, kitchen stocked with coffee, tea, snacks and beer! Most importantly, a company culture which values its employees above all else.