Backstop Solutions Group LLC Ruby Developer in Chicago, Illinois

Job Descriptions:

Backstop Solutions is looking for excellent, experienced Ruby on Rails software developers. Our technology stacks are heavy on the server side, Rails-oriented, but that doesn't stop us from using the right language or tool to solve a particular problem, such as implementing an authorization service written in Clojure and stored in Datomic. We have daily standups, monthly retrospectives, continuous delivery, and an agile mindset to deliver value to our clients.

Core Skills:

  • You take initiative to lead new projects to completion and are excited to mentor co-workers

  • You care about writing readable, maintainable code that can be easily extended in the future

  • You have a strong commitment to Test Driven Development to prove your feature works the way you expected

  • You enjoy pair programming with all level of developers and are able to give and receive constructive feedback

  • You enjoy working on different aspects of a project, including infrastructure automation and continuous integration

  • You are down-to-earth and are willing to learn from all of your co-workers

  • You are interested in furthering your craftsmanship and technical skills

Required Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and comfortable with the idea of getting your hands dirty in every aspect of an end-to-end software creation process, from feature conception to product delivery.

  • Significant experience designing Ruby on Rails applications and a strong understanding of object-oriented design. Previous work in Clojure is a plus.

Keyword: Ruby, Rails

From: Backstop Solutions Group LLC