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Sinai Health System IS System Manager- Diagnostic Applications in Chicago, Illinois


Manage a team of Application Support professional staff to select, implement and support the software applications that serve the needs of the Team’s assigned customers. The team is responsible for the installation, implementation and ongoing maintenance of multiple software applications. The Manager is responsible for hiring, firing, training, development and supervision of the team’s assigned members. The Manager provides technical and operational leadership for the team, manages the portfolio of projects assigned to the team and is responsible for the results achieved by the Team. The Manager collaborates with other Application Service Managers to provide leadership to the Application Services group and collaborates with other team leaders in the Information Services Division to achieve the Division’s goals.


Team Management:

  • Directs the activities of caregivers assigned to the Manager’s Team to ensure they efficiently and effectively install, implement and maintain those software applications assigned to the Team. The Manager is responsible for the Team’s productivity.

  • Supervises assigned staff; setting clear expectations and measurable performance goals. Is responsible for interviewing, hiring, and disciplining caregivers assigned to the Team. Performs timely performance evaluations and takes appropriate action as needed to address issues and problems and to reward successes.

  • Responsible for training, developing and mentoring assigned caregivers to help them progress through the Division’s Career Ladder according to their abilities. Responsible for developing the caregiver’s skills, arranging appropriate training/education and communicating the Health System’s Mission, Vision & Values to the assigned caregivers.

Customer Support:

  • Responsible for understanding the long and short-term clinical/ operational/business needs of the customers/users the Team is assigned to support. Can articulate those needs to the customers, to the Team and to the IS Division. Understands the relationship between assigned customers and the rest of the Health System and applies System-wide goals and SHS IS strategy in assessing the IS needs of assigned customers. Develops plans and advocates on the Customer’s behalf to ensure their needs are addressed.

  • Maintains excellent working relationships with the leadership of the customer areas the Team is assigned to support. Builds effective bidirectional communication paths that ensure that Information Services is aware of Customer needs and initiatives and that the Customer area’s leadership is aware of Information Services needs and initiatives.

  • Ensures that assigned Software Applications function correctly and are configured to address the Customer’s needs on a timely basis. Directs the timely and effective modification of existing applications, troubleshooting of problems and installation of new applications.

Project Management:

  • Ensures that completed Team projects meet or exceed the Customer’s needs, meet or exceed the I.S. Division’s quality and safety standards and are accomplished on time and within budget.

  • Utilizes project management and process reengineering skills to ensure that systems implemented in a Customer’s area improve the Customer’s operations and effectiveness.

  • Assigns Team staff resources to projects and ensures that they work productively and effectively on assigned projects.

  • Assigns Team staff resources to projects and ensures that they work productively and effectively on assigned projects.

  • Provides supervision and leadership to ensure that project teams meet their objectives and timelines. Works with Customer Leadership as needed to ensure each project’s success.

  • Negotiates with other Information Services Teams for resources as needed and to coordinate and schedule tasks that affect multiple Teams.

Technical Knowledge and Skills:

  • Maintains a strong technical understanding of the software applications assigned to the Team and their underlying hardware, operating systems and networking. Understands the SHS’ global information technology environment and employs that understanding on a daily basis. Responsible for continually enhancing personal understanding of information technologies and industry trends.

  • Ensures that Information Services policies as well as security, technical and performance standards are appropriately implemented and continuously observed by I.S. Division and Customer staff. Provides leadership in I.S. Division policy & standard development.

  • Has the personal skills and understanding to configure applications, troubleshoot problems and develop reports, scripts and programs.

Financial & Vendor Management::

  • Provides financial management for their Team and assigned projects. Responsible for developing accurate annual operating and capital budget proposals for their cost center and assigned projects. Responsible for ensuring that Team and project expenditures are appropriate given the approved budget. Approves expenditures within the scope of SHS policies and recommends approval by Supervision. Analyzes budget variances and provides explanations / justifications as appropriate.

  • Maintains successful working relationships with software and hardware vendors. Working with the System Director, orchestrates vendor selection and contract negotiation processes. May represent the SHS in discussions with external agencies



  • A Bachelor’s degree in an information technology, healthcare or related discipline plus work experience in a related field.

  • Master’s degree is desirable.


  • A minimum of 5 years of work experience in an information technology-related discipline is required.

  • 8-10 years of work experience in a related field is required if the applicant does not have a degree.

  • Management experience is strongly preferred.


    • A strong understanding of healthcare software applications.
  • A strong understanding of how to implement and manage software applications in a healthcare or business environment.

  • A technical understanding of information technology hardware, operating systems and networks,

  • Strong, effective verbal and written communication skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal and relationship skills and the ability to work effectively with customers, colleagues and staff.

  • Excellent teamwork skills and a willingness to collaborate effectively with other Information Services Division leaders.

  • Willingness to exercise the initiative necessary to identify issues and take appropriate action to address them.

  • Ability to accurately assess situations and use sound judgment in developing ways to resolve issues.

  • Excellent personal leadership skills to motivate and direct Team staff and project team members to meet objectives.

  • Strong project management and process re-engineering skills.