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Comcast CommTech 4, Network Maintenance - Champaign, IL in Champaign, Illinois

Business Unit:

Job Summary:

Responsible for performing routine troubleshooting calls, surveys,

locates, outage repair, on-call duty, shift work, track/repair CLI,

power supply maintenance, and construction maintenance in accordance

with Comcast procedures and practices. Will be called upon to

troubleshoot and resolve service failures related to any Comcast

products, to include but not be limited to Video (analog and digital,)

Comcast Digital Voice (CDV,) and Comcast High Speed Data (CHSI)

(including Home Networking and Home Plug.)

Employees at all levels are expected to:

  • Understand our Operating Principles; make them the guidelines for how

you do your job

  • Own the customer experience - think and act in ways that put our

customers first, give them seamless digital options at every touchpoint,

and make them promoters of our products and services

  • Know your stuff - be enthusiastic learners, users and advocates of our

game-changing technology, products and services, especially our digital

tools and experiences

  • Win as a team - make big things happen by working together and being

open to new ideas

  • Be an active part of the Net Promoter System - a way of working that

brings more employee and customer feedback into the company - by joining

huddles, making call backs and helping us elevate opportunities to do

better for our customers

  • Drive results and growth

  • Respect and promote inclusion and diversity

  • Do what's right for each other, our customers, investors and our


Core Responsibilities:

  • Performs routine troubleshooting calls: troubleshoots the plant

through the distribution cable to the node in order to restore customer

video, CHSI, or CDV as required. Must have the ability climb poles,

ladders and operate aerial lifts 18 to 20 feet above ground, as

determined by the system’s requirements. Must possess the ability to use

basic cable test equipment. Performs work near power lines and


  • Surveys the plant in order to ensure service availability to potential


  • Performs underground location of existing plant using system prints

and cable locating equipment in order to prevent cable damage and

service interruption. Must have the ability to read general system

layouts from blueprints.

  • Responds to and repairs service interruptions during regular business

hours, shift work or when “on-call” as required. Normal work shift may

include evenings and/or weekends; may include 10 hour days for 4 days a

week. Must be available to work overtime including weekends, evenings

and holidays.

  • Performs CLI ride-out and track and repair leakage, as necessary.

Works and travels in inclement weather.

  • Performs construction maintenance duties such as: splices

aerial/underground coaxial cable and equipment to restore cable plant to

system specification; splices and activates new coaxial plant as

required; repairs and/or replace damaged aerial/underground plant; and

inspects, repairs and/or replaces power supplies as necessary. Must have

the ability to use basic cable installation tools and hand tools. Must

have the ability to comply with safety procedures and requirements.

Lifts and carries loads of 70 lbs. or more.

  • During the course of normal day-to-day activities: cleans, maintains

and stocks vehicle and equipment in order to be prepared for daily

responsibilities; completes associated paperwork with each job in a

timely manner; properly operate and maintain tools and equipment;

reports need for vehicle repair or service when required and/or

prescribed; and reports any accidents, losses, injuries or property

damage to supervisor and customer when appropriate. Drives company

vehicle in a safe and responsible manner.

  • Reviews all requested services with the customer in order to ensure

understanding and agreement; survey the installation route and review

proposed route with the customer in order to obtain agreement on the

location of cable outlet(s.) Exposure to dogs and other animals,

construction areas, and the public in general as required.

  • Pre-wires single dwelling units and multiple dwelling units (MDUs) in

order to provide “ready hook-up” capabilities at the time of occupancy.

Works in crawl spaces, attics, and permit required confined spaces.

Exposure to moderate noise level.

  • Performs multi-product reconnects, requested and non-pay disconnects,

and additional outlets for residential and residential-like products.

Installs and removes set-top box and/or eMTA in order to provide

customer with upgrades or downgrades in service. Must possess knowledge

of basic mathematics, the ability to count and handle U.S. currency, and

the ability to communicate with customers in a clear and straight

forward manner.

  • Performs multi-product service calls for residential and residential-

like products. Troubleshoots the forward and return path in the drop

from the tap to the customer’s equipment for multiple services. Must

possess the ability to prioritize and organize effectively.

  • Performs wall fish as required by the market (optional – not included

in national certification). Performs multi-product installations for

residential and residential-like products, complete from tap to customer

equipment in single and multiple family dwellings including prewired

units; perform installations adhering to Comcast procedures and safe

work practices, NEC and NESC requirements, and local ordinances in order

to provide services to the customer. Installations could include but

not be limited to the following: Video (analog and digital; home

theater); Comcast Digital Voice® (CDV) and/or other Voice services;

Comcast High-Speed Data (CHSI) (Home Networking and Home Plug);

Teleworker; Comcast Workplace (Internet)f. Workplace Digital Voice (WDV)

standard; Commercial Video. Manipulates connectors, fasteners, wire; use

hand tools. Must have vision ability of: close vision, peripheral

vision, ability to adjust focus and differentiate colors.

  • Possesses knowledge of the National Electrical Code (NEC,) the

National Electrical Safety Code (NESC,) the Occupational Safety and

Health Act (OSHA,) Federal Communications Commission (FCC,)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA,) Department of Transportation

(DOT,) American National Standards Institute (ANSI,) and various state

and local codes including G.O. 95 and G.O. 128, (when applicable.)

  • Inspects existing bond/ground to ensure compliance with Comcast and

National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements; make new ground as required

in order to protect employees, customers, and equipment from electrical

shock or damage.

  • Checks in each job in a timely manner in order to ensure all details

of the work are recorded for entry in the customer’s account once the

work is complete. Completes associated paperwork with each work order,

as required. Must be able to work while standing 50 - 70% of the time.

  • Works within manufacturer’s rated weight capacity for all equipment,

including but not limited to ladders and aerial lifts.

  • Determines acceptability of video, data, and voice services by

reviewing television picture quality and PC and modem connection

following any installation or work on cable services to provide the best

possible service for the customer. Educates the customer on the CDV

service and voice mail. Conduct CDV test call. Demonstrates CHSI service

and educate customer on how to connect to the service, home page,

national and local content, and web browsing using URL(s,) etc. Must

possess the ability to manipulate objects such as pens, keyboard and


  • Provides the customer with the Comcast Welcome Kit and materials

regarding channel line up, use of set-top box, modem, and/or eMTA and

company policies as they relate to the customer as well as demonstrate

these skills in order to educate the customer on the use of the

equipment, products, and services, and company guidelines.

  • Provides information on available services to new and existing

customers in order to sell additional services and attempt to upgrade

existing services.

  • Performs standard home theater installations associated with video

installations. Must have knowledge of policies and procedures for

installation activities.

  • Must have fifteen months cable telecommunications (and/or broadband)

or similar experience. Possesses: knowledge of cable television products

and services, basic knowledge of cable system operations, basic

knowledge of a cable system overview, and basic knowledge of the history

of cable and Comcast.

  • Must have knowledge of components on the PC desktop and ability to

perform the following: launch an application; add a shortcut; log into

and navigate through a dial-up or other internet service; install

software like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator,

Microsoft Windows, MS Office applications, educational software or

games; navigate through a file system via the DOS prompt or window

interface; access the Control Panel to configure components such as a

printer, modem, and monitor.

  • Must possess knowledge of PC hardware, software and the Internet and

the ability to troubleshoot and resolve related service failures.

  • Regular, consistent and punctual att

Comcast is an EOE/Veterans/Disabled/LGBT employer