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Req Ref No: RKILET1411 Location: Batavia, IL Duration: 12.0 months



The Mechanical Support Department is seeking temporary technical support staffing to fill an Engineering Technician I position in the department for an estimated period of one (1) year. This position has a mandatory one (1) month probationary period.

We are seeking an individual with a minimum of five years’ experience who is qualified to perform the following tasks with limited supervision:

Ultrasonically clean vacuum parts and assemblies. Design, fabricate and assemble vacuum experiments and devices. Design, fabricate, assemble and repair vacuum systems of the particle accelerator Leak check with a helium mass spectrometer Repair and rebuild vacuum beam valves, block valves, and all metal valves Repair and rebuild vacuum pressure gauging. Repair and rebuild vacuum turbomolecular pumps Repair and rebuild vacuum scroll pumps Write procedures for: service, repair and rebuilding of MDC gate valves, VAT gate valves, setting and maintaining a bake out, repairing and rebuilding all metal right angle valves, solenoid adaptation via CAD or equivalent for valves listed.

Technical Skill Requirements:

Minimum of 5+ years of experience assembling and repairing high-vacuum systems (1x10-9 torr or better) Proven track record as a team player. Ability to work in a radiation environment Ability to work in a tunnel enclosure of the particle accelerator Ability to lift 50-pounds

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